For Those Who Care About
The Next Generations


A world where children love learning.

A world where they get the opportunity to discover their unique genius superpower.

A world where they never forget who they really are.

A world where they can discover their purpose and why they are here.

A world where they receive support to follow their hearts.

A world where they "Love what they do".

A world where they contribute to society from their deepest essence.

How many geniuses would then be unveiled?

How many Nikola Teslas, Ada Lovelaces, Leonardo da Vincis, Marie Curies, and Albert Einsteins would the world nurture then?

A world built on compassion, love, trust, and unity, with nothing to wage war over.

A world where every human contributes with their superpower out of free will, not necessity.

We have embarked on the journey towards singularity.

Nobody will need to do the "hard work" in the future. Look at Boston Dynamics, GPT-4, Tesla Bot - an exponential development has begun.

Our education system is designed to produce "workers".

Children who enter this system must compete. They must "learn hard".

Everyone learns the same things.

No one tells them why.

No one asks them what they would love to do.

They are instructed to excel.

They are encouraged to outperform others.

A system built on competition, stressful work, and pressure instead of joy, passion, and creativity.

A system where children, in their most formative years, experience burnout.

A system that generates workers who are no longer needed by the time they pass their exams.

More and more individuals and parents within this system feel deep inside that something is wrong.

They've sensed it for years.

I am passionate about effecting this change.

Most people who will read this will think something like "dreamer…", "Utopia…" or even "I am realistic enough to say: this will not happen".

I am aware of this. And I do not judge this thinking because it is how we are "educated" to think.


Imagine if every single person who read this took a small step and said:

"yes, I am in, how can we change this?".

What would happen if millions followed?


I am eager to hear your insights and emotions regarding this matter.

Did you enjoy school? Do you enjoy forcing your child to 'do the homework'?

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In Love. In Trust. In Unity.


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