Gathering Of
The Tribe
The Conscious Fellowship

To Whom It May Resonate
Most will claim they have "no time".

I would like to share my vision of a better world.

One built on love, trust, cooperation, joy and unity.

Gathering Of The Tribe is decentralized and serves as a powerful bridge between networks of conscious individuals who have discovered their superpowers.

Who experienced what unconditional „love“ is.
Who experienced what real trust is.
Who experienced who we are.

Each is on their own path, passionately pursuing their purpose.

A taxonomic fellowship who love to supports each other.

Embracing cooperation instead of competition.

Choosing love instead of fear.

Fostering unity instead of separation.

We are a powerful fellowship that creates positive change in the world and join forces to tackle global issues like environmental conservation, human rights, and animal welfare.

Our mission is to connect and empower fellows with love, trust, and unity, embracing the interconnected oneness that exists among all.

We believe that each one can make a change, but together we are unstoppable.

The Conscious Fellowship focuses on providing the right solutions towards meaningful change.

And I would like to offer these incredible and proven solutions to companies that serve a higher purpose for mankind, to fund this fellowship.

Like the project "T.R.U.E. Innovation", which was created by a fellowship of neuroscientists, psychologists, awareness teachers, open scientists, and a polymath like me.

A venture destined to be embraced by all leading corporations due to its exceptional promise of delivering at least 100x the value for its price tag.

Or another project, "Butterfly," an individual and personal journey to discover "who you are" and "why you are here." This exploration will reawaken your ability to feel love, bring more joy into your life, and enable you to create from the heart. All of this can be achieved while having fun, living out your purpose, and generating substantial profit by serving others.

For the next generations.

For a future of geniuses.

In Love. In Trust. In Unity.


Founder of Gathering Of The Tribe -
The Conscious Fellowship

Author of the Aware Entrepreneur Letter


To connect and learn more, reach out to us on LinkedIn or via email.

If this resonated with you, feel free to apply. 

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